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J. B. Lynch & Co.

Business Questions & Ideas: Did you know that you can have your business made more profitable, enlarge your sales, find new demands for your brand of products, add to your number of buyers, enlarge your firm opening new outlets, hiring professional staff and most important have the professional business advice of an internationally recognized Wholesale & Retail Business Marketing Consultancy firm. Read on for details of our services to suit your type of firm: Manufacturers For example would you like to see your products introduced into hundreds and thousands of leading retail outlets all across the entire United States of America and/or the British Isles ? Did you know there is professional help available to go out and find the ideal retailing outlets for your type of produce, get them to buy large amounts at C-O-D, organized shipping and import customs duty clearance. You may also add your range of goods into our In-Store Sales Promotions with clients like major department store chains in dozens of areas and you get paid fully within 7 days of the sale. It does not matter if your business is manufacturing thousands of products or you are a specialist in small amounts of very valuable items we deal with all types of Manufacturers and Retailers dealing with a vast range of products. You can employ highly trained sales representatives on commission only. Retailers Popular with Retailers all over who are given advice on selling, advertising, customer relations and sales staff recruitment and training. Secret Shoppers will come into your store acting as buyers and then make reports all about your place, staff, prices, products and if it is a shop people would just love go to again. We investigate your local competitors finding all there is to know about their business and how you can overdo them. Also supply you with new better selling ranges of products from ideal manufacturers both national and imported at the right prices to up your profit margin. Once improved you may be able to have our copyrighted in-store sales promotion in your store which has very high profit. J. B. Lynch & Co. In this trade since 1974 and has maintained the financial success of all clients, American, British, Irish, Chinese, Indian and EU, regardless of any national financial depressions and are proud to be able to state that not one of our clients has closed down their successful export marketing or retailing business while in our service. To find out more feel free to email us with any questions you may have, get some advice free of charge and don't worry it is strictly your private information not allow public to anyone else in any way. Email:

Country: Ireland
Town: Ballindine
County: Mayo
Address: Main Street
Contact: John Lynch
Phone: 0949364940
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